General Contractor and
Decorator Information

General Contractor Information


All contractors are required to register with the facility before work can be performed on site. Registration materials include a valid business license, certificate of insurance listing the Spokane Public Facilities District and the City of Spokane as additional insured and other supporting documents if necessary. Upon registration, the facility will provide all rules and regulations needed to work within the facility. Failure to register will result in an interruption of work in progress until such time as the proper paperwork is filed with the facility. Call 509-279-7000 and ask for the Facility Services Department for a registration packet.

General Information

  • The Spokane Convention Center Event Manager is the Contractor's main contact for all aspects of the event. Contractor is expected to comply with the Event Managers requests and direction, particularly as to safety and security matters.
  • Contractors are required to sign in at the Security office when entering the facility and must sign out upon leaving. A Service Contract supervisor or foreman must be present before their employees may enter the building. Service contract employees must be identifiable by uniform, nametag or badge.
  • The appropriate route to and from your work area is through the loading dock corridor. You are not authorized to utilize front of house thoroughfares. The lobby areas, doors, escalators and passenger elevator are for pedestrian traffic, not move-in and move-out. All move-in and move-out of exhibits must be through designated loading docks, freight doors and freight elevators.
  • A detailed and accurate production schedule is required thirty (30) days prior to the first move in day.
  • Outside food and beverages are not permitted in the facility at any time.
  • Adequate light levels will be provided during decorator set-up and decorator move-out days. No air conditioning or heat will be provided beyond the norm for a dark day.
  • By State Law, the Spokane Convention Center is designated a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted inside the building or within 25 ft of any entrance or outside air vent. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.
  • Parking for contractor employees is not provided.
  • Landscaping/Soil Displays: Displays containing soil, humus, or similar materials must use a minimum of 1/2" plywood or similar type of approved sheathing and a protective coating of plastic or Visqueen to protect the floor and all Spokane Convention Center equipment. Curbing must be used to retain loose materials and to prevent leaks and water seepage.
  • Storage of service contract provider equipment such as forklifts, truck trailers etc., is not permitted before or after the lease premises date(s) specified on the contract. Crate storage locations will be assigned by the Event Manager as available. Storage areas may not block access to any door, fire hose/extinguisher cabinet or pull-station. Contractor will respond to Centers reasonable requests for consolidation / cleanup of storage areas during the event. Pallets or other contractor or exhibitor packing material left on property will be subject to a disposal fee.
  • Contractors must use the utmost care to protect all surfaces in the facility from damage. Protection may include padding, the use of non-marring products, Visqueen, plywood, rubber bumpers and tires, and proper supervision. No pin, tacks or adhesives of any sort are permitted on any wall or door. Only approved tape may be used to secure carpets to flooring.
  • Damage. The General Contractor is encouraged to inspect the premises with the Event Manager to note any pre-existing damage. Licensee will be held liable for any damage caused by the Contractor, unless the Contractor requests and Center approves appropriate billing.
  • Cleaning. The authorized areas are turned over to the licensee under a 'clean hall' to 'clean hall' policy. Licensee (or general service contractor) will be responsible for removing trash from and cleaning areas including, but not limited to, utilized for registration, loading dock(s), exhibit floor space and removal of tape and it's residue from floors. Excessive clean up required by the Spokane Convention Center staff will be charged to the licensee.

Decorator Day

  • A Decorator Day is defined as a day for the decorator to set up booth spaces, lay carpet, etc. It is not a move-in day, so no exhibitors can move in on a decorator day without prior written approval of the General Manager.
  • Building security will be required during decorator days unless the service contractor has been identified as a Recommended Provider by the management of the Spokane Convention Center.
  • Decorator Days are charged at a discounted rate.

Safety First

  • Safety First: All work at the facilities must be in accordance with national, state and local safety codes. These include, but are not limited to OSHA, WSHA and facility policy.
  • Signs and traffic marking in the loading area must be obeyed at all times. Overnight parking is not permitted unless special arrangement have been made in advance and approved by the management of the Spokane Convention Center.
  • All personnel operating equipment must have a valid operators license (license must be available for review). Contractor will comply with Spokane Convention Center safety regulations, including proper use of harnesses and other safety equipment and operator certification.
  • Spokane Fire Department Rules and Regulations must be adhered to. Copies are available on our website or by request through the Event Manager.
  • Floor load capacities must be observed; any variation must have prior written approval from the facility.

Registration Areas

  • A 'to scale' diagram of the registration area(s), if separate from the exhibit hall floor, is required no less than 30 days prior to the event. The Spokane Convention Center Event Manager must approve placement of the registration area.
  • Registration areas, entrance units and other show specific displays may be installed during times that do not conflict with the activity of events already in progress.

Exhibit Floor Plan Requirements

  • All floor plans must be submitted to the Fire Marshall for approval. It is best to submit a plan for review before booths are sold in an effort to avoid costly changes involving exhibits. See Spokane Fire Dept. Regulations for complete details.
  • Submit the approved 'to scale' exhibit floor plan including booth assignments to the Event Supervisor no less than 30 days prior to move-in.
  • Show carpet will be properly stretched to eliminate uneven walking surfaces; and secured at edges and seams with double-sided gaffers or other professional tape as approved by the Event Manager. Transitions between carpet and bare floor will also be taped down to minimize tripping hazards. Carpet overlap in show areas may not exceed two layers. Cord runs should be located wherever possible in non-traffic areas; and when run across traffic areas on or under carpet, marked with caution tape.

Move In

  • Dock spaces are assigned by the Event Manager.
  • All freight must be handled through the general service contractor who will deliver it to the facility during the approved move-in period. The Spokane Convention Center does not accept or ship freight for the client or exhibitors. Any freight scheduled for delivery to the facility during the move-in periods must be sent to the attention of the service contractor/decorator.
  • Requests for drop of equipment or marking of the floor prior to dec-in day must be approved by the Event Manager.
  • Automobiles are not allowed in the facility without approval by the Event Manager.
  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted in permanent carpeted areas without approval by the Event Manager. Approval may be given when the required covering (plywood, polyethylene, carpet) is used to protect the permanent carpeting in the area.
  • The loading docks are hazardous areas. Contractor will ensure employee attention to safety, trip and-fall hazards etc. Where possible equipment such as forklift attachments, carpet rolls,etc. should be stored in trailers and not on the dock.

Rigging and Hanging of Signs

  • Rigging defined: The term 'rigging' as used in this document refers to the overhead suspension of objects from any portion of the physical building.
  • Plans for installation of show banners and signs, directional signs, decorations and any rigging must be submitted to the Event Manager for approval 30 days in advance of the show dates. Contractors shall notify the Event Manager immediately if any rigging requests are made which do not comply with stated rules and regulations.
  • Signs, banners and decorations may not be affixed to the facility or suspended from any surfaces without prior approval. All items that are freestanding may not obstruct exit doors, exit lights, fire alarm pull boxes, fire hose cabinets, fire extinguishers or facility signage. Suspension points do not include light fixtures, sprinkler heads, cable tray, conduit, HVAC ducts, etc.
  • No signs or banners may be placed on the exterior of the facility.
  • Rigging and hanging from the hang points is subject to approval by Spokane Convention Center management and is expected to meet generally accepted industry standards.
  • All rigging must comply with the Rigging Rules and Regulations of the Spokane Convention Center.
    1. Qualified and trained riggers must perform all rigging and hanging.
    2. Rigging and hanging may only be performed by employees or subcontractors of the General Service contractor who are familiar with the house hang points, load limits, rules and regulations.
    3. Each General Contractor will appoint a person who is responsible for all hanging and rigging and must provide the name of the designated person to the Event Manager prior to move in.
    4. All custom rigging and hanging (i.e. slings) must have owner's identification attached.
    5. All homemade trusses must be accompanied by engineering specifications in order to be installed. Any trusses NOT manufactured by an industry-recognized truss company are considered 'homemade.'
    6. All rigging must be done with rated, stamped and approved hardware only.
    7. All rigging points must be protected against damage. 8. All rigging and hanging is subject to inspection by the Spokane Convention Center for compliance with rules and regulations.
  • At the conclusion of the event, all hang points, devices, wires, clips, etc. used for hanging and/or rigging must be removed and the house restored to normal conditions.
  • The Spokane Convention Center will charge the rigging contractor for any costs associated with damage done to the building or removal of rigging supplies.

Event Days

  • Spokane Convention Center personnel are not allowed to enter an exhibit booth for the purpose of cleaning.
  • The decorating company is responsible for servicing all of the their equipment (i.e. booth carpet cleaning, emptying booth trash cans, etc.).
  • Removal of crates, cardboard and/or pallets from the exhibit hall is required.
  • Storage is not allowed inside the building without prior approval by the Event Manager.
  • Exit signs must be visible at all times.
  • Exhibitors with displays having damp garbage or similar debris are required to place this refuse in disposable plastic garbage bags. The decorator or the exhibitor should provide garbage bags of sufficient strength. These bags should be placed directly into the dumpsters located in the loading dock by the exhibitor or decorator.

Move Out

  • The Spokane Convention Center expects the facility to be returned to the condition in which it was received with the exception of normal wear and tear. Excessive clean up required by the Spokane Convention Center will be invoiced to the licensee.
  • All decorator generated garbage must be removed from the facility, including but not limited to the exhibit hall, loading dock and service yard.
  • Any item or supplies used to fasten material (tape, nails, screws, etc.) must be removed.
  • Any debris left on premises, tape or residue left on any surface, will be removed by the Spokane Convention Center and the cost will be invoiced to the licensee.
  • The Spokane Convention Center trash receptacles are available to the decorating company for disposing of tabletop debris prior to removing table covering.
  • The decorating company is responsible for all damages resulting from their activities.
  • Any property not removed by the end of the contract and that has not been claimed is considered abandoned by the licensee, it's contractors or exhibits. The Spokane Convention Center may take possession of and dispose of such property without liability. The licensee will be invoiced the cost of such disposal.
  • The decorating service contractor equipment may not remain in the building or service yard past the contracted time, without prior approval by the Event Manager.

General Service Contractor Rates

Spokane Convention Center equipment is available for rental at decorator rates. Contractor agrees not to use or transport any equipment, supplies furnishing or other property belonging to the Center without the Event Managers written permission. Reservations to use Spokane Center Equipment can be made five working days in advance. Use by Spokane Convention Center staff takes precedent, but every attempt will be made to accommodate equipment use by General Contractors when possible. When renting Convention Center equipment the contractor must retrieve the equipment from the designated storage area and return it after use.

Forklift $60 - less than 4 hours $125 / day
Boomlift $50 per hour $300 per day
Genielift $35 per hour $200 per day
Pallet Disposal $25 / pallet  
Waste Compactor Service $350 per service  
Tables $10 per table Not to be used for exhibits
Chairs $1.50 per chair  
On-Site Storage $0.15/sq ft/per day  
Carpet Cleaning in Halls Dec Day Rate  
Electrical Truck Hookup $100/day  
Green Practices