Exhibit Hall Specifications

The Spokane Convention Center Exhibit Halls are perfect for large banquets, trade shows, auto shows and sporting events.

Maximum Occupancies and Room Specifications

Exhibit Hall
Square Footage
Room Dimensions
Ceiling Height
Capacity Banquet
Capacity Theatre
Capacity Class
Capacity Reception
10x10 Booths
Hall A 33,470 162 X 210 30' 2,150 2,781 1,900 3,200 175
Hall B 21,790 120 X 180 30' 1,440 2,160 1,200 2,160 117
Hall B1 10,529 80 X 116 30' 700 1,000 600 1,000 51
Hall B2 11,240 80 X 116 30' 700 1,100 600 1,000 51
Hall C 27,510 130 X 210 30' 1,800 2,750 1,600 2,750 130
Hall D 17,390 110 X 132 22' 1,000 2,316 900 2,316 50
A - D 100,160 - 22'-30' 5,170 6,530 4,700 6,530 500

Lighting and Other Amenities

A, B, C
  • Luminaries are an industrial low bay type with reflectors. They are clustered with two 750W metal-halide and one 750w incandescent. The metal-halide lighting is individually controlled by the lighting control system. (This type of light is NOT instant on and requires about 5 minutes to“warm up”). The incandescent lights are dimmed in pairs of two. The lighting control system allows dim to “OFF” operation. Maximum illumination is approximately 10 to 15 foot candle.
Riverside Exhibit Hall D
  • Luminaries are an industrial low bay type with reflectors. The metal-halide is a 400W while the Incandescent are 250W. These mimic the lighting in Halls A, B and C and support a similar illumination.
Meeting Room
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About the Exhibit Halls

The 100,000 sf elliptically-shaped facility was completed in June 2006, just in time for the 2007 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. This new facility will create a thousand new hospitality jobs for Spokane area residents.

Groundbreaking officially began on July 1st, Kevin Twohig, Spokane Public Facilities District Board of Directors, along with Mayor Jim West and John Brewer of the Spokane Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau (via telephone) spoke at the groundbreaking.

Architects for the Exhibit Hall, are Integrus Architecture of Spokane and LMN Architects of Seattle. The General Contractor/Construction Manager team is a joint venture of Hoffman Construction of Portland, and Bouten Construction of Spokane.

Spokane's newly expanded Convention Center will place the Spokane region in the forefront for attracting major national and regional conventions, expositions and trade shows in direct competition with markets in Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City and Boise. Its new size also will allow for local organizations to hold simultaneous meetings, graduations and other events at the same time as major conventions.

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