Exhibitor Guidelines

Exhibitors: please read this information prior to setting up your booth.


General Information

  1. Exhibitors are to have all proper licenses and permits required by the State of Washington and the City of Spokane and comply with the regulations of the Spokane Fire Department and the Spokane Health Department.
  2. All exhibitors must be properly identified when on site. Exhibitors without event identification will not be allowed in the service corridor or loading lock.
  3. Spokane Convention Center storage space is limited therefore the facility cannot receive goods prior to move-in or store them past the contracted move-out time. Goods arriving prior to the authorized move-in times will be refused and required to return at the scheduled move-in time. All freight must be handled through the General Service Contractor who will deliver it to the facility during the approved move-in period.
  4. By law smoking is strictly prohibited at all times in the Spokane Convention Center or within 25' of any entrance or air intake system.
  5. Loading in and loading out must be done through the designated loading docks assigned to the show. Loading in and loading out through Spokane Convention Center lobbies is strictly limited to hand carried items only and must be approved in advance. Materials that require the use of a wheeled apparatus must go through the dock area. Passenger elevators and escalators are designed for passenger use and not intended to carry heavy weights. Loading docks are for loading and unloading only. All unauthorized vehicles left in the loading area will be towed away at the owner's expense.
  6. Limited carts are available for exhibitor use on a first come, first serve basis. It is best to bring your own. Use by Spokane Convention Center staff precludes use by exhibitors.
  7. Food Sampling:
    • A full list of exhibitor booth food and beverage services-everything from nuts and coffee to finger food, sandwiches, and heavy hors d'oeuvres-is exclusively available from Centerplate. This service can be a great advantage to exhibitors.
    • Applications to distribute sample food productions must be made with Centerplate at least thirty days before the event and an approved application must be displayed within the booth.
    • Any exhibitors interested in distributing their own food or beverage must be the manufacturer of said product or be exhibiting in a food or beverage related show. Only 'bite size' samples of food or no more than two (2) ounces of beverage may be distributed by exhibitors. Exhibitors cannot participate in cash sales of said product during the show. Food or beverage items to be consumed on site may not be sold from any consumer or trade show booth. d. Any products that are sold for off-premise consumption must be packaged to discourage on premise consumption.
    • All persons dispensing product must have proper food handling permits from the Spokane Regional Health District.
  8. With the exception of service animals and animals participating in contracted events such as dog, cat or cattle shows, animals are not allowed in the Spokane Convention Center without prior written approval from the Event Manager. When any display includes pens of enclosures containing live animals, the following minimal provision must be made:
    • A protective coating such as plastic or Visqueen must be used to protect floors and any convention center equipment.
    • Some type of absorbent (i.e. sawdust or fire retardant wood shavings) must be placed within the pens (and cleaned daily).
    • Curbing, fencing or bike rack must be supplied to contain animals.
    • Animals must be supervised at all times.
    • Clean up and proper disposal of absorbents and waste
  9. Booth cleaning and housekeeping is the responsibility of the General Service Contractor. Spokane Convention Center staff will not perform these services.
  10. Painting of any kind within the Spokane Convention Center is prohibited. Exhibitors may not glue, tape, tack, nail or in any way affixed to any interior or exterior surface of the Spokane Convention Center.
  11. All banners and signage must be hung by the show's General Service Contractor. Exhibitors may not hang banners or signage without approval from the show management.
  12. Electrical and telecommunication services are exclusively provided by Spokane Convention Center.
  13. No collections or donations, whether for charity or otherwise, shall be made, attempted or announced without prior written approval of the General Manager.
  14. Spokane Convention Center is not responsible for trash generated by the Exhibitor. The show will be provided a bulk trash receptacle in the loading dock for exhibitor use.
  15. Aisle ways and exits must remain clear and cannot be obstructed in any way during show hours. Please do not throw boxes or trash generated during show hours into the aisles.
  16. Exhibitor-owned or leased vehicles are NOT allowed to drive on to the exhibit floor to unload or load without prior approval from show management. Access to the exhibit floor for tractor-trailer trucks, cranes, etc., must be arranged in advance through show management. No vehicles with studded tires will be allowed inside the building.
  17. Helium balloons (no smaller than 36" in diameter) are allowed only when they are anchored to exhibits and approved in advance by your Event Manager. Absolutely no helium balloons shall be permitted for giveaway or sale. Should a helium balloon rise to the ceiling, the cost of retrieving the balloon will be passed on to the Licensee. Helium tanks require storage in a proper storage receptacle approved in advance by the Spokane Fire Department.
  18. Spokane Convention Center has a 'no-tipping' policy. No exhibitor or contractor or representative of an exhibitor may give any gratuities, tips or gifts of any kind to any employee of the Center. We are here to serve you.
  19. Landscaping/Soil Displays: Displays containing soil or rock (large and small), humus, or similar materials must use a minimum of 1/2" plywood or similar type of approved sheathing and a protective coating of plastic or Visqueen to protect the floor and all Spokane Convention Center equipment. Curbing must be used to retain loose materials and to prevent leaks and water seepage.
  20. Basic rules for move-in and move-out:
    • For safety children under 16 are not permitted on the event floor during move-in and move-out.
    • No consumption of alcoholic beverages
    • No horseplay, practical jokes, throwing of objects or display of unsafe objects
    • No use or possession of illegal or controlled substances
    • No speeding or reckless use of vehicles, forklifts, carts or equipment
    • Proper footwear must be worn at all times

Structures and Exhibit Booths Requirements

  • All decorative material, such as, but not limited to, drapes, theater curtains, signs, banners, acoustical material, hay/straw, split bamboo, plastic cloth, canvas, cardboard, etc. shall be of non-flammable material or shall be treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition by means of an approved flame retardant solution. A single hay bale will be allowed if it is properly treated with fire retardant. Plastic cloth and certain other plastic materials, tarpaper, nylon, oilcloth, etc cannot be rendered flame retardant and are prohibited. Flame retarding treatments may be obtained from some fire protection companies listed in the Yellow pages of the phone book. Any decorative material that is not inherently or manufactured flame retardant (labeled) shall be subject to testing. Materials in violation shall be immediately removed from building.
  • All electrical fixtures and appliances must be approved in accordance with the National Electrical Code. Only fused multi-plug adapters will be permitted. Electrical code stipulations that will be rigidly enforced include:
    1. three wire (ground) cords shall not be plugged into two (2) wire extension cords
    2. extension cords (zip cords) shall not run under carpets/ rugs unless designed to
    3. there shall be a three (3) foot clearance from lights to any combustible materials
    4. all electrical plugs, cords shall be free from defects. Only listed electrical devices and cords shall be allowed. Homemade items will not be allowed and may be confiscated. The Convention Center use agreement prohibits the use of multi-plugs; i.e. twin sockets/cube taps.
  • Combustible materials that are 3/8-inch or more in thickness or glass may be used without flame retardant treatment. Exception: paper products, such as cardboard, or foam products.
  • Booths and other structures shall not be constructed with any roof, ceiling or other obstruction without approval of the Spokane Fire Department Prevention Bureau. Structures having over 120 square feet of roofed area shall be provided with acceptable single station smoke detectors. Maximum aggregate size of 300 square foot canopies shall be rendered flame-resistant. Minimum of 10-foot separation is required between each 300 square foot aggregate of canopies on all sides. An aggregate area exceeding 300 square feet will not be allowed.
  • All required "EXIT" signs shall be visible at all times from any location in the room. Drapes, curtains or displays shall not block signs. Temporary additional "EXIT" signs may be required to clearly indicate the direction of egress.
  • Exits and aisles shall be free of obstructions. Aisles shall be a minimum of 9'-6" feet wide with 11' for the perimeter aisles in the Exhibit Halls and a minimum of 4 feet wide in Meeting rooms and Ballrooms. Booths which require 50 feet or more travel distance to reach an exit aisle shall be provided with a minimum of two (2) exits remote from each other.
  • Fire extinguishers, hose cabinets, fire hose connections and other fire appliances shall be maintained clearly visible and accessible at all times. A minimum of 3 feet clearance shall be provided.
  • Aggregate booth square footage totals of 400 or more square feet shall have a minimum 2A: 10B:C extinguisher available. Additional fire extinguishers may be required. Fire extinguishers shall have an inspection tag on it, new or not. Extinguishers must be readily accessible and ready for use (out of the box).
  • The event manager and promoter shall assume responsibility for and shall advise all exhibitors that booths, stands, and their respective areas shall be cleaned of combustible rubbish daily or as necessary. Combustible display materials shall be limited to a one-day supply.
  • The number of persons allowed to attend any show or exhibit shall not exceed the allowed occupancy limits, i.e., occupants standing to view or participate, and fixed seating capacity.
  • If there are any additional requirements, they shall be determined by the SFD Prevention Bureau for each event.
  • Pressurized tanks and other similar hazards shall be properly secured to prevent tipping over or damage (i.e.: helium tanks). Portable holders will be allowed.

Cooking, Warming and Heating Devices

Cooking and/or warming devices that produce grease laden vapors shall be electric. Exception: Approved cooking devices that use no more than (2) 10-ounce non-refillable LPG containers having a maximum water capacity of 1.08lb per container connected directly to the appliance at any time, shall be allowed. Containers shall not be manifolded. Sterno may be used for warming trays. Other open flame devices are prohibited. Cooking devices shall be approved by a recognized testing laboratory (i.e. UL or FM). Heating devices are allowed where the venting will meet indoor air quality or proper venting is provided.

  • Cooking/warming devices, and/or heating products shall be isolated from the public by either placing the device a minimum of four (4) feet back from the front of the booth, or providing a sturdy, mounted separation shield between the device and the public.
  • Individual cooking/warming devices shall not exceed 288 square inches of surface area, approximately 12 " x 24".
  • The surfaces on which cooking or cooking appliances are located shall be constructed and arranged such that proximity to combustibles will not pose a fire danger. When cooking equipment generates high temperature heat, the surface will be provided with adequate protection.
  • Fire protection shall be provided with any booth utilizing cooking/warming devices with no vegetable or animal oils and fats. Each device must meet one of these two (2) requirements: 1.) a 20B:C extinguisher and a lid for smothering, or 2.) an approved automatic extinguishing system (hood system). Note: For multiple devices, one 20B:C extinguisher per booth is acceptable, but each device must have a smothering lid. Extinguishers shall be no more than 30' from the cooking equipment.
  • Fire protection shall be provided with any booth utilizing cooking/warming devices cooking with vegetable or animal oils and fats. Each device must meet one of these two (2) requirements: 1.) a Class K fire extinguisher and a lid for smothering, or 2.) an approved automatic extinguishing system (hood system). Note: For multiple devices, one Class K extinguisher per booth is acceptable, but each device must have a smothering lid. Extinguishers shall be no more than 30' from the cooking equipment.
  • Any additional requirements shall be determined by the SFD Prevention Bureau for each event.

Display of Motorized Vehicles

The Fire Department must be notified in advance if motorized vehicles are to be displayed during an event. Displayed motorized vehicles shall comply with the following and may also have to comply with additional rules and regulations required by the Fire Marshal:

  • No vehicle may be started or operated within any assembly building during show hours without approval of the Fire Marshal.
  • All fuel tank openings shall be locked or sealed in an approved manner to prevent escape of vapors. Where it is not feasible to seal or lock the opening or where approved by the Fire Marshal, the fuel tank will be empty. Draining of the tank shall not occur in the Convention Center building.
  • Adding or removing fuel on site is prohibited (must be done outdoors). Special fuel blends use inside the building is subject to advanced approval by the Spokane Fire Department.
  • A vehicle key for each vehicle must be left in the Security Office or with an on-site responsible individual for emergencies.
  • Fuel in the fuel tank shall not exceed one quarter of the tank capacity or 5 gallons (18.9 L), whichever is less.
  • Fire protection for motor vehicle events shall be approved by the Spokane Fire Department. The level of protection required shall be determined for each event.
  • Vehicles, boats, and similar exhibited products having over 120 square feet of roofed area shall be provided with acceptable single station smoke detectors.
  • LPG/CNG tanks must meet one of these 3 requirements: 1) purge tank 2) remove tank 3) disconnect and cap tank. The intent of all of these choices is that the LPG/CNG appliances shall not be used while vehicle is being displayed.

Exhibitor Documents

Please use the documents below to help with additional questions:

Green Practices