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The Spokane Convention Center is a LEED Silver Certified Building:we are committed to being a socially responsible community partner. We work hard to do our part to help preserve our environment.


The Spokane Convention Center is committed to being a socially responsible community partner. We work hard to do our part to help preserve our environment. Our facility was built on the site of the 1974 World’s Fair – the first environmentally themed World’s Fair and it is only fitting that when the Spokane Public Facilities District decided to expand, the Board elected to build a green building on the World’s Fair site. We are pleased that the Exhibit Hall is a Silver LEED® certified building by the US Green Building Council. Our pro-environment efforts span across our campus and we strive to be green through our sustainable practices. And if you haven’t heard…. Spokane is Near Nature. Near Perfect.

Pay it Forward

Earn seven Near Nature. Near Perfect points by helping to reduce the footprint left by your conference and we'll reduce your costs.


Create an environmental impact statement for your conference and be listed on the Green Meetings Page.


All invitations and announcements to attend the conference/meeting sent electronically.

Go Paperless

Speaker handouts are sent electronically and not printed to give to attendees at the meeting.

No paper or plastic here!

Use china and linen napkins for all meal functions and break services.

Consume Green

Select items from our Green Menu for 75% of your meal functions. Centerplate's Green Menu utilizes seasonal items and products from our local area.

Go Digital

Omit a printed version of the conference schedule. Utilize our LCD Screens to display your conference agenda. Supplement the LCD Screens with additional electronic versions located in key lobby locations.


Conduct exit surveys of attendees electronically and share results with the Spokane Convention Center.


Hold meeting at 75% light levels to conserve energy. Turn lights off when breakout rooms are not in use.


Convention logo items given to attendees are made of recycled products and/or signage for the conference is year generic and reused.


Concerted effort by all attendees to recycle paper, plastic and aluminum cans front of the house. Join in the effort that our team does back of the house. You can add additional recycling stations throughout your conference areas and encourage your attendees to pitch in through public announcements throughout your conference.


Drop two degrees if heating or add two degrees if cooling to the room temperature of all of your meeting spaces.


Utilize water coolers instead of individually bottled water throughout the conference. No pre-pouring of water glasses at meal functions or on head tables.

Bulk up

Utilize bulk options for break services and condiments for 85% of your break services.

Contact the Sales Team for further details: 509.279.7007

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