Operations and Procedures



Hours of Operation

The standard hours of operation for the Spokane Convention Center Administrative Offices are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Show Opening

For safety reasons, be sure that all everything is ready when the doors are scheduled to open to the public. We cannot allow a show to be opened to the public if there are carts, packing crates or exhibits being assembled in the aisles. No vehicles of any kind can be moved in the Spokane Convention Center during the hours when the show is open to the public.


The cleaning of public areas, restrooms and meeting rooms is included in your basic room rental fee when the areas are utilized for standard purposes. Based on your decorating needs and the activities during your events, you may need extraordinary housekeeping during or after your event. Fees to accommodate extra cleaning are assessed at prevailing labor rates.

Common Areas

All lobbies and circulation areas are considered common areas and generally not under Licensee control. All activities using common areas are subject to prior written approval and must take into consideration the requirement of all licensees simultaneously utilizing the building. Submit detailed floor plans with specifications to your Event Manager. Approval will be granted within 30 days prior to the Event.


All decorations, drapes, signs, banners, table coverings, skirts, carpeting or similar decorative materials used in exhibits shall be flame retardant to the satisfaction of the Spokane Fire Marshal. All such material is subject to inspection and flame testing by the Fire Marshal. Licensee shall provide the Fire Marshal with a copy of the certification of flammability standards from the manufacturer. Cleaning and/or removal of d├ęcor items such as confetti, streamers, balloons, etc., will incur additional charges.

Fire Protection System

The Spokane Convention Center is fully protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system. In addition, fire hose cabinets and fire extinguishers are located throughout the facility. Exit doors, exit lights, fire alarm sending stations, fire hose cabinets, fire extinguishers, and strobe lights are prohibited from being concealed, obstructed or tampered with at any time.

Water Station

Our standard meeting set up includes water service for the head table and podium. Water stations may be set up at strategic locations at an additional cost. Please order through Centerplate.

Courtesy Telephones

Courtesy telephones are conveniently located throughout the facility and meet ADA requirements.

Lighting Services

Show lighting services begin one hour prior to each show-day and end one hour after the scheduled closing. Adequate lighting is provided through all move-in and move-out days. All additional lighting services will be billed at the prevailing rates.


Ventilation Service (air conditioning / heating) begins one hour prior to each scheduled event and ends one hour after the scheduled closing. Adequate levels of heat and air conditioning will be provided during move-in and move-out. Additional ventilation during move-in and move-out must be requested by the licensee and will be billed at prevailing rates.

Storage of Exhibit Materials

Limited storage of packing materials, show manager supplies and event contractor equipment may be permitted within the facility if the area is identified on the floor plan, has adequate fire suppression systems and has been approved by the facility management and the Fire Marshal. Airwall pockets, facility storerooms, hallways, emergency exits, concession stands and meeting rooms are not available for storage at any time. All emergency exits must be completely free from storage and debris. Contact your Event Manager to initiate approvals.

Compressed Gas

Compressed gas containers such as helium must be secured in such a manner that they cannot fall over when being used. They can be stored on the ground in a vertical position. Helium tanks require storage in a proper storage receptacle approved in advance by the Spokane Fire Department.

Freight Deliveries

The Spokane Convention Center does not have a warehousing facility. Therefore, all freight or materials including those delivered by overnight delivery services must be sent to your official service contractor, decorator or freight carrier. All shipments delivered to our facility during you move in must be sent to the attention of your service contractor.

Alteration, Defacement,
or Damages of Premises

Each licensee shall accept the premises in the condition they find them and shall return the premises in the same condition at the conclusion of the period of the License Agreement. No alterations or changes to the property shall be made without the prior approval of the General Manager. Alterations included in this policy include, but are not limited to, movement of interior plants, movement of equipment, or relocation of furnishings.

Signs and Posters

Licensee shall not post or exhibit, or allow to be posted or exhibited any signs, advertisements, show bills, lithographs, posters or cards of any description on any part of the Spokane Convention Center, unless relating to the event and without the written permission of the General Manager.


With the exception of service animals and animals participating in contracted events such as dog, cat or cattle shows; animals are not allowed in the Spokane Convention Center without prior written approval from the Event Manager. When any display includes pens or enclosures containing live animals, the following minimal provisions must be made:

  • A protective coating such as plastic or Visqueen must be used to protect floors and any convention center equipment.
  • Some type of absorbent material (i.e.: sawdust or fire retardant wood shavings) must be placed within the pens and cleaned daily.
  • Curbing, fencing or bike rack must be supplied to contain animals.
  • Animals must be supervised at all times.
  • Licensee will provide clean up and proper disposal of absorbent material and waste.

Event Personnel

All show personnel, service contractors, temporary help and other workers affiliated with an event must wear an identification badge provided by their respective employer while working in an official capacity on the Spokane Convention Center property.

Show managers and service contractors are responsible for the conduct of their personnel. Employee under their supervision who does not comply with Building Rules and Regulations will be subject to dismissal from the building and may be restricted form the building or premises as deemed appropriate by the Spokane Convention Center management.Restricted areas of the building are off limits to all personnel except employees of the Spokane Convention Center.

Service contractors, stagehands and other contracted employees are responsible for keeping work areas clean at all times during their occupancy of the Spokane Convention Center.

Loading Docks and Ramps

Appropriate dock/ramp locations for vehicles to unload and load during move-in and move-out periods shall be arranged through your Event Manager. Vehicles left unattended at the loading dock ramp for an excessive period of time, or not in the actual process of loading or unloading are subject to being towed at the expense of the licensee.

Security will be required at the loading dock from move-in through move-out of the show at the licensee's expense.

Operable Wall Panels (air walls)

The Spokane Convention Center has operable wall panels in several areas of the campus that allow flexibility to provide the size of space necessary for your event. The configuration of the acoustical operable wall panels is complex and alterations may be time consuming. Only Spokane Convention Center employees are authorized to move the wall panels. The initial configuration of the space is provided at no cost. Any proposed changes during your event should be planned in advance with your Event Manager. Last minute changes may negatively impact other room set-ups in progress at the time. Your Event Manager will assist you in determining if changes, planned or unplanned, are possible and any costs involved in changing the wall panels.


The Spokane Convention Center Event Managers will work with show management to designate appropriate dock locations for vehicles to unload or load during move-in and move-out periods. One or two dumpsters are normally parked at the loading dock. Unloading/loading for exhibit booths wishing to enter the Spokane Convention Center at the west end of the Convention Center can be arranged through the Event Manager. All doorsills must be protected. Vehicles unloading or loading must park in the passenger drop-off zone. All vehicles must be attended during this process.

Service Corridors

Service corridors located adjacent to the Group Heath Exhibit Halls, Ballrooms and Bays are loading/unloading/service areas only. They are not equipped for exhibits, displays, or storage of exhibit materials. Please do not plan to use this area for anything other than loading/unloading /cleaning /servicing of exhibits or displays. All storage must meet the requirements of the Spokane Fire Department and the approval of the Event Manager. (Floor plan layouts submitted to the Event Manager and the Spokane Fire Department must include request for storage as well as details of the types of materials to be stored. See Fire Safety Requirements.

Prevention of Building Damage and Disfigurement

The Convention Center is Spokane's finest large meeting and banquet facility. The space is flexible and can be used for a variety of functions. Taking utmost care to protect all surfaces will help us preserve the high level finishes we are known for. Our goal is to keep our facility in good repair so every client may equally enjoy the attractiveness and serviceability of the Spokane Convention Center. As the Licensee who has contracted for the use of the facility, you are responsible for any damage caused by your staff, contractors, exhibitors or attendees. This policy is intended to help us recover costs for repairing damage to the facility caused by anyone associated with your event that exceeds reasonable wear and tear. All cleaning, replacements and/or repairs are done strictly by the facility.

To make sure the rule is applied fairly, your Event Manager will schedule a walk through on your first move-in day and then another walk through at the conclusion of your event. This will help determine if any damage occurred during your event. It is difficult to oversee everything that happens when you are on site and we know that you cannot control all of the actions of your contractors. Here are a few suggestions to help minimize your risks:

  • Make sure your exhibitors and speakers know the rules and regulations that apply to them. Also inform your service contractor that you will hold them responsible for any damages they cause during your event.
  • Repeat all applicable rules in your exhibitor information and in the materials you provide to speakers.
  • Should any damage occur while you are on site, please report the incident immediately to your Event Manager.

Basic Rules

  1. All Spokane Convention Center equipment shall be set-up and/or operated by authorized employees as authorized by the management of the Spokane Convention Center.
  2. Only Spokane Convention Center employees are authorized to operate portable walls and freight doors, turn on or off lights and lock or unlock doors.
  3. Decorations
    • Any signage or decorations planned for use within the Spokane Convention Center must be approved in advance. (Contact your Event Manager for approval at least seven days prior to your event.) Spokane Convention Center and show management approval is required before placing signs in any area other than in the booth spaces. Show management rules apply to the signing of interior booth space and all signs must meet Fire Code provisions.
    • Taping of signs to Spokane Convention Center windows or painted surfaces is not allowed.
    • Nothing may be taped, nailed, stapled, tacked, or otherwise affixed to ceilings, painted surfaces, fire sprinkler, columns, fabric, decorative walls or podiums without Convention Center management approval. This includes all surfaces throughout the building, including the exhibit halls. Check with your Event Manager for approved adhesives. All decorative materials must be flame retardant in accordance with the City of Spokane Fire Code.
    • Helium balloons are allowed only when they are anchored to exhibits and approved in advance by your Event Manager. Absolutely no helium balloons shall be permitted for giveaway or sale. Should a helium balloon rise to the ceiling, the cost of retrieving the balloon will be passed on to the Licensee; The Spokane Convention Center requires that all helium tanks be stored on a proper storage receptacle approved in advance by the Spokane Fire Marshall.
    • Glitter, gum, confetti, adhesive-backed decals and stickers may not be used or affixed inside or outside the Spokane Convention Center.
  4. Fog/smoke/laser lights: No fog or smoke effects or laser light shows shall be permitted without the prior written approval of the Event Manager.
  5. Paint or wax spraying is not permitted on the exhibit floor. Touch-up painting with brushes is allowed if the floor and wall areas are sufficiently protected to catch any drips. No painting at all is allowed on any carpeted surface.
  6. Landscaping/Soil Displays: Displays containing soil, humus, or similar materials must use a minimum of 1/2” plywood or similar type of approved sheathing and a protective coating of plastic or Visqueen to protect the floor and all Spokane Convention Center equipment. Curbing must be used to retain loose materials and to prevent leaks and water seepage.
  7. Floor protection from Vehicles and motorized Displays:
    • Absolutely NO FORKLIFTS are allowed on the carpet without prior approval.
    • No tracked vehicles may be displayed on carpeted space.
    • Items for display must be clean and dry when they are brought into the facility. Vehicles or displays with snow, slush, water, ice, etc. on them will not be allowed in the building until they are completely clean and dry.
    • No vehicles are allowed to load/unload on carpeted space.
    • Protection from leaks and spills must be provided under all display vehicles and equipment.
    • No vehicle, trailer, or equipment having more than six wheels/tires may be displayed on carpeted space.
    • During inclement weather, a minimum area of 20’ x 20’ in front of the load in/out doors must be protected with a minimum of 6-mil Visqueen plastic with plywood and/or carpeting during all move-in or move-out activities.
    • All platform trucks, dollies and carts to be used in permanently carpeted areas must have tires and wheels of a type approved by the facility.
      i. Vehicles that are to be exhibited on carpeted spaces within the Spokane Convention Center must be parked with plywood or Plexiglas under the tires to prevent damage to the carpeting. The area under the vehicle must be protected at all times with Visqueen or other similar impervious material.
    • To avoid tearing the carpet
      i. All vehicles must be moving when their steering wheels are turned.
      ii. Equipment or vehicles having more than two axles must be maneuvered over 6-mil or heavier Visqueen plastic with plywood or carpeting on top of the plastic.
      iii. Tongue wheels must be maneuvered over plywood.
      iv. Any carpeting repair necessitated by damage caused by displays or exhibits will be charged to the Licensee.
  8. Walls, doors and other surfaces:
    • No adhesive-backed decals are permitted to be distributed or used inside or outside the facility.
    • No signs may be attached to any Spokane Convention Center surface, including lecterns, without the prior written consent of the Event Manager.
    • No holes may be drilled, cored or punched in the building or building equipment.
    • No nails, tacks, Velcro, transfer tape.
    • Some tape will leave a sticky residue, which is expensive and time consuming to clean up. Use only an approved tape in order to avoid clean-up charges. Your Service Contractor can tell you which brands of tape are approved.
    • All tape and/or tape residue marks, chalk and booth number stickers must be removed at the completion of Move Out.
  9. No locks and/or chains will be placed on any door of the facility for any reason. Under no circumstances will any exterior door be propped open or any automatic closing device, panic hardware or mullion be removed from any door of the facility.
Green Practices