Event Services

An experienced and dedicated Event Manager will be assigned to your event. They will work with you from the initial planning through event execution and billing. The information below is a guide to the services offered by our staff.


An experienced and dedicated Event Manager will be assigned to your event. They will work with you from the initial planning through event execution and billing. The Event Manager will answer your questions, help you understand the building's policies and procedures, will communicate your event requirements to the operations departments at the Center and take full responsibility for the function of your activities in our facility. They communicate your needs and event requirements to the following departments: Ushering & Security, Operations, Engineering, Electrical Services, Telecommunications, Technology, Guest Relations and Food & Beverage. When appropriate your Event Manager will arrange for you to meet directly with these service providers. Their purpose is to make sure your event runs smoothly from beginning to end. Your Event Manager can also put you in touch with a variety of local service professionals should you require any special services for your event.

In this guide you will find a timeline of important deadlines for providing your Event Manager with essential information. Before selling any exhibit space, please submit a floor plan with the completed Fire Department approval. A minimum of thirty days prior to your arrival, the Event Manager should receive all other event set up requirements. Failure to do so could result in additional charges. We want to ensure that all Spokane Center information is accurate and clear for your exhibitors and decorator.

Your Event Manager will be on site during your event to ensure your expectations are met and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Your Event Manager is an important part of your team.

Pre and Post Event Meetings

Pre-Convention meetings are scheduled for all conventions. The Pre-Con is an informal meeting for your staff and our staff to meet and go over your event details. A Spokane Convention Center representative from each department will be in attendance. Your key support staff as well as any service contractor for your show (i.e. decorator) is encouraged to attend.

At the conclusion of your show, we will ask to schedule a post-convention meeting with you so that we may get your feedback about the overall experience at the Spokane Convention Center. We will also ask you to complete a post-event questionnaire, which will allow you to evaluate your entire Convention Center experience from beginning to end. Areas of client concern are reviewed and addressed by our management team, and corrective action is taken to ensure customer service is always a priority and that our clients will want to return again and again to our Center.

Exclusive In-house Services

The Spokane Public Facilities District provides In-House Services. By utilizing these services you will be using staff that are trained in our facilities and are knowledgeable about how we can help you make your meeting work best. Below you will find a brief description of each service to help you determine which services you will need.

Electrical Services

The Spokane Convention Center provides all exhibitor and show management electrical needs, including power for registration, show management offices, exhibit displays and presentations. Our licensed electrician will work directly with the Event Manager in ensuring that your event needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.


Single and multiple line phones, wireless or high-speed data lines, satellite uplinks/downlinks, internet capabilities and local networks are some of the services provided. The Spokane PFD operates a closed wireless network. No outside access points are allowed without prior written approval. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Audio Visual and Technical Services

Our in-house Audio Visual Department can provide you with the equipment and services to make your presentations a success. An on-site technician is available during your event to trouble shoot problems as they arise. The labor for this service is a show expense.

Our technician sets equipment according to your presentation requirements and operates equipment as needed. They arrange for production lighting, equipment and staffing.

In some instances outside audio visual suppliers may be permitted in the building. Please note that any equipment that is utilized or will be otherwise connected to our house audio or video systems shall be assessed a patch fee (or a technician will be required to be on-site at our published hourly rate).


Our Engineering Department ensures that heating, cooling, ventilation and other critical building systems work correctly for the comfort and safety of your staff attendees and exhibitors. Additionally, our engineers take care of all facility lighting requests, and providing water and air drops for clients and exhibitors. The Engineering Department relies on your Event Manager for information as to event hours and HVAC needs. Providing our engineers with the information they need is just another important way in which your Event Manager is working for you!

Room Set Up

The Operations staff sets moveable walls, tables, chairs, stages and other equipment where and when you need it. Discuss your set up needs with the Event Manager at least 30 days before your event to allow time to schedule equipment and staff. An estimate of any charges will be provided upon request. If you should require special items for your event that are not in our inventory, please contact your Event Manager and they will be happy to provide you with a list of local vendors that may be able to assist you. Should you handle your own rentals, be sure to advise the Center of the delivery/pick up schedule and location of where these items should be placed upon delivery.

Specialized Services and Equipment

The Spokane Convention Center is proud to offer services and equipment beyond what you might expect. Notify your Event Manager if you would like to take advantage of any of these offerings.

Equipment Rental

The Spokane Convention Center offers a variety of equipment that you may rent for your event. For a list of available equipment and rental rates, please refer to the Daily A/V order form or the Ancillary Equipment order form.


Spokane Convention Center staff is available to assist with special projects. Request for assistance should be made at least two weeks prior to your event.

Simultaneous Translation

The Spokane Convention Center is equipped with simultaneous translation equipment that may be used in any room on campus.


Spokane Convention Center's outdoor electronic marquees are located on the North side of the exhibit hall on Division Street and on the Breezeway between the Convention Center and the INB Performing Arts Center on Spokane Falls Blvd. Scheduled events will be displayed on the marquees during event days. The number and duration of announcements will be subject to the availability of time and space based on the overall schedule of events and other commitments regarding use of the outdoor marquee. Including information on the marquee during the month leading up to an event may be possible based on the overall schedule of the campus. All information on the marquee is subject to approval by the General Manager. Please refer to the Marquee Guidelines for accepted file types.

Indoor LCD Monitors

Twenty-four (24), 42" LCD monitors are located throughout the campus. Your event will be displayed on the monitor located above the door to the space you have contracted. Depending on availability, information about your event may be displayed elsewhere in the facility. Information displayed on the LCD Monitor is subject to approval by the General Manager. Please refer to the Marquee Guidelines for accepted file types.

Keys – Room Security

Spokane Convention Center provides a convenient locking system to help you maintain security of the rooms you use. For extra security Spokane Convention Center has the capability to change door locks to designated rooms for an additional fee. Remember that Spokane Convention Center staff reserve the right to access any area if necessary. Please designate a single member of your staff to receive all keys for your event, and coordinate their distribution to your designees. This person will be responsible for the return of all keys. Lost keys will incur a $50 charge. Your Event Manager will issue keys.

Wheelchair Lift

A wheelchair lift is available to access stages. The wheelchair lift will not be installed unless requested. There is no charge to install the lift.

Exclusive Contract Service Providers

The Spokane Center contracts with several nationally recognized companies in support of your event activities. These companies work hand-in-hand with the Spokane Convention Center to provide a seamless operation. The company contracted for each service has proven expertise in their field and will provide you the quality that will ensure success of your event. Your Event Manager will help you coordinate these services.

Food and Beverage Service - Centerplate
Centerplate Main Line: 509.279.7395

Centerplate, a nationally acclaimed full-service catering and concessions company, operates all kitchen facilities in the Spokane Convention Center. Centerplate can provide first-class breaks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner service. They also operate the concession areas in the buildings. Centerplate has earned an excellent reputation for the quality of their menus and service. Their experienced staff is always willing to design customized menus to meet the needs of our clients. Vegetarian options are standard on all catered banquets. Sample menus available here.

Centerplate offers a full list of exhibitor booth food and beverage services. Everything from pastries and coffee to candy, sandwiches, and hors d'oeuvres are available. They will also provide exhibitor meals either in the break room or directly to their booths. These services can be a great advantage to exhibitors. Please note that exhibitors planning to provide food or product sampling must comply with the Exhibitor Guidelines. Only bite-size samples or less than 2 ounces of liquid may be given away.

Centerplate is responsible for the administration of the sale and service of alcoholic beverages in accordance with the Washington State Liquor Commission's regulations. Therefore, in compliance with state law, all liquor, beer and wine must be supplied by Centerplate.

Contact Centerplate as soon as you start planning your food and beverage functions. A Centerplate representative will work closely with you to create a food and beverage program that will make your event standout for your staff, exhibitors and attendees. Your Centerplate representative will attend your site tours and preplanning meetings with your Event Manager.

Due to the exclusive nature of this contract, no food or beverage service can be provided at the Spokane Convention Center by any other caterer. Exhibitors and attendees are not permitted to bring food and beverage onto the Spokane Convention Center property. A full menu is available upon request and the catering department would be pleased to describe the details to you.

Security and Ushering - Staff Pro

Staff Pro, the exclusive contract service provider for security and ushering services, is nationally recognized for their knowledge and expertise. They have developed our security plan with your safety and comfort in mind.

Staff Pro provides ushers, ticket takers, and security personnel for events held at the Convention Center. The type and number of staff required for your events will be determined by your Event Manager and will be based on the information you provide. For most events, ushers normally are called to work one-half hour before event time to open up the Spokane Convention Center perimeter and public areas. For exhibit shows, uniformed security is required 24 hours per day during your event to assist with traffic control and security in the loading dock area beginning at the scheduled time of move-in and ending after the scheduled move-out. No Convention Center exterior doors can be unlocked during non-show hours unless staffed by security personnel. Please contact the Events Supervisor for information on which door will be available for access during non-event hours. Only Spokane Convention Center's contracted ushers and security personnel may be utilized in the Convention Center.

If your event has high-risk security concerns, please advise your Event Manager at least thirty days in advance.

Ticketing - TicketsWest

TicketsWest provides all ticket services for the Spokane Convention Center. TicketsWest is a full service ticket agency offering state-of-the-art computerized outlet and box office distribution system. Any entertainment or ticketed commercial event will be required to use TicketsWest. Tickets are available for purchase by phone, on the internet and at box office locations. Learn more about their services at TicketsWest.com. More information abou ticketing can be found on our Ticketing page.

Custodial - ISS Sanitors

The Spokane Convention Center custodial staff works hard to maintain the facility's appearance and condition for all of our guests. Our facilities are known for their exceptional condition and cleanliness. Maintaining that reputation rests with our custodial contractor, ISS. They keep the public areas clean and presentable during your event hours. They also refresh your meeting rooms between sessions. Please inform you Event Manager about special cleaning schedules or restricted areas. Any convention, trade show or exhibitor that produces a large amount of refuse (over twenty yards) will incur additional disposal charges. Shows anticipating large amounts of trash should advise the Event Manager in advance so that additional dumpsters may be ordered and set in place. Any clean up caused by bringing in vehicles or exhibits into the facility will be charged to show management. This includes custodial time to remove snow, ice, slush, water, etc., or any spill or leaks from equipment or exhibits. If you have an exhibit show or exhibition, you are responsible through your official service contractor/decorator to arrange the following: cleaning of carpeted areas (including tradeshow aisles), registration areas, exhibit booths, removal of trash, crates, pallets and packing material. The authorized areas are turned over to the event under a 'clean hall' to 'clean hall' policy. Excessive clean up required by the Spokane Convention Center staff will be charged to the show management. It is our policy to recycle those items that can be recycled.

It is our policy to recycle those items that can be recycled.

Parking – Diamond Parking
Main Line: 509.747.8144

There are 430 parking spaces on the two levels of parking underneath the Exhibit Hall. The parking area has elevator access from the garage to the exhibit halls. There is a charge for parking at the facility and rates are subject to change. Diamond Parking operates the parking facilities owned by the Spokane Public Facilities District.

There are several public parking lots to the south of Spokane Center with adequate stalls for large events. If you wish to provide parking for your event, arrangements can be made with the manager of parking lots nearby. A minimum of thirty days is required to make these arrangements.

Recommended Service Contractors

The following local service contractors are recommended for your event. They have the knowledge, expertise and experience that will make your event a success.

General Contractor: Decorating
LCD Expo: 509.325.9656
Design Events: 800.840.2280

General Contractor: Lighting and Staging
Silhouette Lighting: 509.747.4804

Medical Services
American Medical Response (AMR)
Patrick Ramsey – 509.323.8812

Outside Service Contractors

Please notify the Event Manager, in writing, thirty (30) days in advance of the first move-in date a list of service companies providing a service to the exhibitors or to any other area of the event. All contractors are required to register with the facility before work can be performed on site. Registration materials include a valid business license, certificate of insurance listing the Spokane Public Facilities District and the City of Spokane as additional insured and other supporting documents if necessary. Upon registration, the facility will provide all rules and regulations needed to work within the facility. Failure to register will result in an interruption of work in progress until such time as the proper paperwork is filed with the facility. Call 509.279.7000 and ask for the Facility Services Department for registration packet.

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