Technical Specifications


Leading the Way in Technology

The Spokane Convention Center is designed to handle today's leading-edge technology, while still being flexible enough to keep up with tomorrow's advances. The center is equipped with multiple ways to get more information to people faster than ever before increasing value to planners and attendees.

Internet Connectivity

The Spokane Convention Center offers scalable High Speed internet access throughout our multiple facilities as well as a free "Convenience" account designed for anyone wishing to connect for the purposes of checking email while attending your event.

On-site services include:

  • 100% facility Wi-Fi coverage
  • Multiple Connection Speeds
  • Scalable speed levels
  • Package rates for multiple connections / facility-wide buy-out
  • Dedicated T1 service
  • Cyber Café services are available for your event including all
    necessary equipment and connections.

Presentation Services (Audio / Visual)

Presentation services are our specialty. Whether you are making a PowerPoint presentation to a room of 10 or conducting a large multimedia presentation to a crowd of 3000, we are equipped with the knowledge and resources to get the job done.

On-site rental equipment includes: Wireless microphones, multiple input audio mixer, multimedia projection systems, multi-camera video switching, multimedia playback devices (DVD, VCR,CD, etc.)

HD Programmable Displays

Our programmable displays consist of 27 LCD monitors deployed across the campus. Designed for event promotion, way finding and sponsorship advertisement, this system is flexible and customizable to provide you with an extra layer of communication to guests and attendees. Custom display content must be provided in advance.

Telephone Services

Utilizing leading edge voice over IP technology, we can distribute telephone services across our network infrastructure allowing for greater deployment flexibility and providing clients with as many direct dial numbers as required.

Basic Telephone Service (voice, fax and credit card lines), speakerphones, conference call hosting (for up to six attendees to call and participate), Long Distance Service

On-Site Technical Specialists

Our Technical Specialists team-up to offer over 40 years of audio visual experience, insuring our clients that their event is in capable hands when using today's ever more complex technology. Our techs will be glad to consult with you during the event planning stages so that you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need. Should technical difficulties arise, our specialists are onsite and prepared to troubleshoot any situation and provide appropriate solutions.

Network Capabilities

Our leading edge data network utilizes a fiber-optic backbone and CAT6 cable distribution providing giga-speed networking campus wide and preparing us for the future as speed and technology continues to advance.

Each of our meeting rooms can accommodate internet accessibility, telecommunications connections, wireless microphones and electrical service. In addition, assistive listening services are available throughout the campus.

  • Custom network configuration is available allowing you to create a private network across our campus, wired or wirelessly, taking advantage of our speed while keeping your data safe and secure.
  • Wireless access* to any of our networking and internet services is available campus wide providing greater flexibility for presenters and exhibitors (please see our wireless network policy).
  • Webinar Hosting/Video Conferencing is available in any of our meeting spaces.

*Wireless Network Policy

In order to provide the highest quality of service to all our guests, the Spokane Public Facilities District does not allow outside wireless networking devices in any of its operating facilities without prior approval from an SPFD technician. Our network infrastructure is extremely flexible and our technical staff will be glad to work with you to provide any networking requirements you may have in order to prevent outside wireless networking devices from being necessary.

Green Practices